The Roots of Our Endodontic Office
in Arvada, CO

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Endodontics has vastly improved over the past several years with modern technology and techniques. At Root of Endodontics, we have kept up with these improvements by investing in leading-edge technologies and staying current with the latest research and education in endodontic therapy. From our comfortable amenities to our experienced team members, we are here to help you feel confident in your care because #WECARE!

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State-of-the-Art Technology

Our Arvada endodontic office uses advanced digital technology to diagnose and treat dental issues. These advanced technologies not only empower our skilled endodontist to tailor treatment plans specific to your needs but also ensure a more comfortable and streamlined experience for you.

Digital X-Rays: Precise, low-radiation imaging technology assists in accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

CBCT: Our J Morita cone-beam computed tomography system (CBCT) allows us to use the latest and smallest field of view for diagnosis and treatment.

ASI Carts & Dental Microscope: Our ASI carts are equipped with fiber optic handpieces that allow our procedures to be more efficient. Our dental microscope allows our endodontist to utilize a higher magnification to see all the roots in your teeth.

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What to Expect for Your First Visit at Root of Endodontics

When you arrive at our office, you will be welcomed by one of our team members. Once you have been taken care of, you are welcome to wait in our patient-first designed lobby. Before you know it, it will be time for you to head back to one of our private treatment rooms and begin your appointment.

During your appointment, we strive to ease your concerns and help you feel as comfortable as possible. Whether you would like one of our cozy blankets or have a question about one of our technologies, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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OSHA Clean Practice

We go above and beyond the ADA and OSHA recommended standards of safety and cleanliness. Any time you visit us, we want you to feel that our Arvada endodontics office is clean and safe. Before patient appointments, we sanitize the treatment room and sterilize every piece of equipment twice. We have also installed a water filtration system to remove any risk of contamination that could be found in tap water.

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